witch rose

dogdogdog: self-titled

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New esoteric release... I wonder who could've been behind this one?

Word on the street says dogdogdog has grown, with artists of all kinds collaborating together for the cause - whatever that might be.


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This is mysterious release by dogdogdog, which I might have contributed to..? who knows!
From what I've heard, at least 4 people participated.
Check out the dogdogdog.online website!

Porcelain songs: A Weathercord Compilation

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This is a compilation album we did on the Weatherday discord server starting on the 15th of November with a deadline on the 1st of February.
30 people participated, including Sputnik (as Weatherday), Birds Fear Death, lilac roadkill, nouns and Dwaal Troupe.

My contribution was the first song I wrote as witch rose:
    29. witch rose - plants withering (more info and lyrics)

This was my return to music making after 3 years of nothing, in a completely different style than I've ever written in before.