witch rose
... 04:34 - 07/02/2023 fuck lol - witch rose -
Long time no activity 09:21 - 03/05/2022 I've been having a crazy month - new medication, the pressure of university, and so many social changes.
Part of this has made me less motivated to make music and update this website, but not in a bad way, simply because I've had too much stuff going on. I feel more sure than ever that I want to create an album, because I feel like I have so much that I want to express and share with the world. The desire to assemble all my thoughts and experiences into an album is still selfishly just for my own sake, but from the feedback I've been getting I hope that it can have an influence on others as well :)

That's all for now, at least music related, there's so much other stuff as well - I haven't felt the way I do right now in so many years q; - witch rose <3 -
Worm Scrobbling 21:10 - 01/03/2022 After much insanity I decided to make it real - last.wrm now actually tracks how
many worm scrobbles you have. How do you scrobble a worm you might ask?
You simply scrobble it, and if you've registered with last.wrm it'll keep track of
your scrobbles!

Brought to you by insomnia and my brains intense motivation for all the wrong
things in life.

Thanks to blueyes#2651 for making the very cute .wrmbot icon :)

- witch rose -
You can now scrobble your Worms 09:17 - 23/02/2022 I decided to realise a month long dream I've had. Ever since discovering Last.fm I've been scrobbling the music I listen to - but I wished that this could be extended to other aspects of my life. Why not scrobble the food I eat? The counterfeit Pepsi I drink? The time and date of when I leave and enter my home?

Being tired of waiting, I took the first initiative to start the movement - by creating the Worm Scrobbler!
You can now scrobble your worms over at the Worm Scrobbling realm! - witch rose -
The 79th hour 06:08 - 17/02/2022 I woke up, bought a neon purple lamp, set it up, and travelled to a complete alternate version of my space.

The theme for this paragraph of my life has been Carry Me followed with Caw Caw by Dwaal Troupe - track 3 and 8 on To Swallow a Sea.

These two songs have something special about them, they highlight something I wasn't aware of, and without being able to pinpoint it, I was able to completely envelop myself into this parallel space and just be there for as long as my mind will let me recall. It's an intense feeling of peace, enchanted away from any and all connection I had with previous personality. The space around me is fading as time advances towards that of responsibilites, but to be able to indulge in such an esoteric episode has been fantastic.
Along the way I got to see the world a different way - my color perception twisted and perception discordant with rationale. Essentials around me shifted into an alluring simulacrum of regularity;
An apartment complex, shading over a night-loving creature that wavers in the wind,
The radiant glow through windows revealing plants and cats, whom seem just as bewitched as me,
The strings of transreality being displaced around me.

These things kept me company, as I explored the eccentric alternative I found myself in.
While the esoteric remains exclusive, I wish the significance permeates.

It's finally time to go to bed - I can feel a headache coming. - witch rose? -
Relying on external widgets 22:35 - 12/02/2022 I found a pretty cool moon phase widget that I decided to add to my website, but when visiting today all I saw was the classic web "missing picture" icon. That's what I get for using something out of my control q:

So I decided to just make my own moon phase widget - with 28 'phase states' and accuracy up until about 2030 - and once again everything on my website is hosted by me :)

If anyone is interested in having it on their own page, I can send the images and the (very simple) js, just shoot me an email! - witch rose -
Making this website 05:26 - 09/02/2022 After getting the idea to do this website, I scoured the 'old-web' for inspiration - and to gather and categorize an enormous amount of gifs. On my journey, I found some great resources! The construction is going slow, I'm very indecisive with the direction and aesthetic I want to go towards, but I feel like I've made a pretty good base for future work :) - witch rose -