witch rose


sputnik makes music under way too many names

weatherday, lola's pocket pc, rana plastic bubbles, five pebbles

check them all out!

lilac roadkill

ely taught me a lot about how to make music, and their music
has been a huge inspiration to me finding my own style

you should check out their bandcamp!
new album "dig" is out!! go listen to it!! :)

Birds Fear Death

kelly makes amzzing punk/emo/noise and is a very cool person overall
birds fear bandcamp

goth ihop

goth ihop goes crazy hard
their release schedule puts my sleep schedule to shame
sign up to their bandcamp newsletter
and get spammed with new releases

Dwaal Troupe

awesome band with an awesome website, definitely check it out!!

Are You Lost or Stolen?

no idea how to describe it but it sure goes hard
check out their website!!


i managed to motivate eva to make music on beepbox
i wish i knew how i managed such that i could motivate myself
they also have a neocities :)